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SAP NWBC in "Clientless Access"-Mode

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I try to publish the SAP NetWeaver Business Client (== NWBC) via NetScaler Gateway "Clientless Access"-Mode. When I open the Bookmark-URL, a new browser window opens and I get the NWBC-Login-screen. But when I login into SAP, I get the error-message "Http/1.1 Object Not Found".


I've checked for firewall-problems, gave in the "Authorization Policy" for the Session "ns_true" and made the crosscheck regarding the SAP NWBC-URL that it functions from the company-network.


I've uploaded screenshots from the NetScaler-settings regarding this problem.











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SAP is not an easy application to configure for CVPN.  I have worked with the application before and I had to recreate several custom rewrite policies to appropriately rewrite the SAP web application as it generates LOTS of code on the server and then returns the results which the NS can miss at times.  I would recommend that you run a fiddler trace to see if after you login, the web server traffic coming back in indeed being rewritten or not.


Also, SAP in an enterprise environment tends to JUMP around to lots of different backend servers.  Make sure that the NetScaler has the appropriate ports open to all the servers you are communicating with and can resolve their DNS names appropriately.  I had this problem as well when working with the product as one of the sub pages on the SAP portal was actually using a type of iFrame from another website and therefore the NetScaler was being blocked on the firewall.  

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