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preventing print driver being installed not working

john christensen


Hi there.

I have a fresh installation of a XenApp 7.14 farm. (VDA installed on Windows 2016 standard server)

I don't want domain users to be allowed to install printer drivers on the xenapp server so I have made 2 policies containing the following:

1) Windows GPO "The Devices: Prevent users from installing printer drivers" is set to Enabled

2) Citrix policy: "automatic installation of in-box drivers" is set to Disabled.

But it does not work, because if I try to map a network printer from a print server it simply pull the driver down on the XenApp server and install it. The user is just a normal domain user. So even if there is no print driver installed on the XenApp server it automatically pull the driver when the normal domain user connect to a network print driver

(Uninstalled WEM so no polices is applied from for troubleshooting)

I have attached gpresult and citrix policies so you can see if I am missing something? 




Computer GPREPORT.html

User GPREPORT.html

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Having the same problem on my 2012r2/7.15 servers. Despite having the GPO policy enabled to prevent users from installing print drivers they're still getting added. I removed all local admins because I thought maybe someone with local admin rights was adding the drivers, but it hasn't helped. Print drivers are still being added.

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Replying to this as i am seeing similar issues with a new site install.


7.15 CU2

Windows Server 2012R2

Using App Layering and PVS


Citrix policy is set to only use universal print driver, however at the start of the session (whether printers are mapped from WEM or from Session Printer citrix policy) the printer is created then 10 seconds later disappears. I can refresh WEM config and it re-appears but with vendor drivers pulled from the print server. I can confirm that the original print mapping also uses these from the setupapi.log file on the system.


Tried complete removal of the VDA and upgrade to 7.15 CU3 but still has the same issue. Has anyone got any further with this or raised with Citrix?

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my initial issue with the printer being created and then being removed shortly after logon was resolved with a checkbox on the PVS vDisk properties:




That said, i'm now at another customer on 2012R2 and am getting the same issues as the OP. Printers are being created and wanting to download the full drivers. Using VDA 7.15 CU3 - thankfully the customer actually wants to install most of the vendor drivers into the base image (there's only 5 of them), so I've got away with it, but it does seem to be an issue

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