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Secure WebSockets

Lee West

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Is anyone using a Netscaler to LB an application that users secure websockets?  I have read the article https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX209195 but it is somewhat confusing as to whether it is supported or not.  


One bullet says that it is supported after 10.0 but the other says wss:// is not supported.  The application I am trying to support appears to use wss://aaa.bbb.com/.  I am trying to use SSL offloading on the front side and the back side is just http (potentially ws://).  


I have some suggestions on different Vserver to try SSL, SSL-TCP and SSL-Bridge (with the cert on the backend systems) but wanted to see if anyone else has run into this.  


Thanks in advance,



Just FYI I did get an answer to this.  You need to create an HTTP profile that enables websocks and bind that to the SSL vServer and all the back end services.  A lot easier than it seemed.  



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Is web sockets supported on a Gateway vserver?
Also, what about WAF? In the GUI the description for "Enable Websocket Connections" warns: Once upgraded to wss, Citrix ADC does not process layer 7 traffic on that connection. Does that mean that all WAF policies will be bypassed? Are there any specific wss protections that should be enabled on WAF profiles?

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