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Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to log the source ip of a request to a data set or a pattern set.

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Idea is to configure a responder policy and check if the http.req.url is listed in a pattern set (hosted on the netscaler itself), and if the condition is true => log the source ip to another pattern set.

Consequently, I can configure second responder policy, and verify if the source ip is listed in the first pattern set (filled up by the 1st responder policy). When the condition is true, i would block that request.

In that way, I would have some kind of auto block mechanism when someone (or something) tries to access specific url's (like /wp-admin or other similar stuff ...) that all subsequent request from that user would automatically be blocked

I don't know however, if it is somehow possible to fill up a pattern set as a responder action or a audit message action.

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