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Netscaler ADC 90-day trial no longer available?

Simen Hetland

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Same question here, I am not able to download a 90-day trial.....

Did you changed anything or is it temporary broken?


Cheers Dominik

I spoke to a salesperson in Citrix and he informed me that the reason that the 90-day trial was removed was the recent security bulletin related to the management interface on netscalers. They haltet all downloads of affected versions, including the possibility to generate trial keys.

He did believe that the intention is to reinstate the trial licenses at some point, but he couldn't say if it would happen in a month or in a year. Hopefully someone on this forum can provide some more insight on this?




Is there a difference between the ADC 90-day trial and the developer license that is for a year?

The developer licence is limited to 1mbit throughput, the 90-day trial has full platinum features with 1000mbit throughput.

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