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Christoph Schienagel


Heyho together,


we are using bitlocker to encrypt USB removables in our company. 


citrix environment:

XenDesktop 7.11 MCS Shared Desktops

IGEL Linux ThinClients model IZ2


The problem:


If we insert a bitlocker encrypted usb drive we can not decrypt it because windows in the citrix sessions says "there is no available drive to unlock" because the redirected drive is not seen as real physical drive for citrix. So users with citrix can not use encrypted usb sticks



Is there a way to solve this with bitlocker? 

How do you solve usb encryption in combination with citrix? or do you use third party software for that?


Sadly, none of our suppliers could help us at this point, but i can't believe that people don't use drive encryption for business.



I already thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi cdaugaa903,


no I have not. There are solutions like using external encryption software using containers (e.g. TrueCrypt, Sophos Free encryption) but that is not a professional and user comfortable solution for me.


In the end i decided to globally forbid usb drives in my organization to avoid this problem. It seems like there is no solution that is effordable, comfortable and compatible with citrix and linux thin clients.

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We're trying to get this to work in our environment as well. 7 1912 LTSR with HP Windows thin clients running in Kiosk mode. The Bitlocker USB Drive is recognised by the Client Windows, but the popup for Bitlocker on the the client obviously can't be accessed due to the kiosk mode. Any ideas how to route the popup into the Session?


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