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NetScaler and StoreFront - Multi-Domain Pass-through Domain field is blank

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So I have a NetScaler Access Gateway configured to two LDAP policies, one each for two domains.
Logging in with an account that is in the first domain works without issue.
Attempting to use an account from the domain tied to the second LDAP policy causes the "Cannot Complete Your Request" error to be displayed. 


It appears the NetScaler is able to authenticate against LDAP but somehow the domain name is not getting passed to StoreFront.  The below error is appearing in the StoreFront server's log:


CitrixAGBasic single sign-on failed because the credentials failed verification with reason: Failed.
The credentials supplied were;
user: TestUser1
The "other settings" portion of the LDAP policy are configured like:
Server Logon Name Attribute: sAMAccountName
Search Filter: <blank>
Group Attribute: memberOf
Sub Attribute Name: cn
SSO Name Attribute: userPrincipalName

Any ideas?





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We are attempting to use the userPrinipalName method as described on your site, but it isn't working.  The NetScaler is able to do the LDAP authentication but the StoreFront server isn't receiving the UPN from the SSO Name Attribute.  I opened a support case with Citrix yesterday who initially claimed that this configuration was not supported.  It wasn't until I referenced step 26 of ctx207162 that he acknowledged it should be working.


Running a debug on the NetScaler shows that it is pulling the UPN.  Still waiting for a response from Citrix.

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For us, we set "Server Logon Name Attribute" to "UserPrincipalName" and set "SSO Name Attribute" to "msDS-PrincipalName".  As far as I understand it, "msDS-PrincipalName" is not an editable AD attribute, but AD generates it has "<Domain>\<UserSAMAccount".  Which means domain specific credentials get passed back to StoreFront.  At least for us, this has worked great!


Hope that helps!

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