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What is "server_svc_NSSVC_HTTP"?

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Can you tell me where this "server_svc_NSSVC_HTTP" comes from, and how I can disable it:




The last octet of the IP changes and the NetScaler box constantly tries to contact whatever IP is listed there.


It's nothing we have ever configured and the address is not within our external range.


Any clues?



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I have the same issue. After upgrading 11.1. to NS12.0 57.24.nc I'm seeing server_svc_NSSVC_HTTP_93.184.220.29:80(internal) Down.

There's no internal service like that. In my syslog server I see: 

05-31-2018    09:29:56    Local4.Warning    x.x.x.x    May 31 2018 09:29:58: %ASA-4-1060xx: Deny tcp src dmz2:x.x.x.x/44164 dst outside: by access-group "dmz2_access_in" [0x0, 0x0] 

with erratic intervals of some few minutes to 30 minutes. The traffic is coming from my subnet IP.
The ip is from edgecast networks a content delivery network. I don't know why it's occurring.

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Most possibly this alert is related to OCSP responder. ADC attempts to connect OCSP responder URL configured (Traffic Management > SSL > OCSP Responder). This URL would usually resolves to public IP, if public CA URL is configured. When ADC can't connect to URL over required port (possibly port TCP-80 or any other configured), maybe due to firewall rules or some network connectivity issue; this connection times out & ADC logs this as internal service down alert.

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