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Wem Agent slow to start

Julien Bebronne




WEM: 4.03

VDA : 7.6.3 / W2008R2




WEM agent is very slow to start .

When a user start a desktop he have to wait about 30 second after the logon to get hos deskop ready


for example :


12:00:00 : the user click on his "desktop" icon on storefront

12:00:04 : the session is open

12:00:04: the WEM agent Init log start

12:00:04 Event -> MainController.LogAgentStartupValues() : Detected User Name ->
12:00:07 Event -> MainController.InitializeConfiguration() : Reading Agent Initial Configuration...
12:00:25 Event -> VuemAgentConfigurationHelper.ReadAgentStartupConfiguration() : Broker Service Name -> cldsv-cxwem.andros.org


>>>>  18 second are "lost"  between this 2 event , do you know why ?

I see the UI agent splash screen only at 12:00:25 , during this 18 second nothing seems to happen from a user perspective.


the same thing happen when i click on "refresh" on the WEM agent ,  i have to wait about 20 second for t the spashscreen to appears and then  configured actions are apply


any ideas ?


thanks you









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Hi Alex ,

Thanks for this update .


AV exclusions have been set accordingly to citrix requirements , i have also to uninstall AV from both agent and broker .

Agent and broker are in the same LAN /Networks and hosted on the same ESXi.



A suggestion of a test to identify the issue?




I did not have the problem with norskale 3.5


For information i have open a case at citrix  support

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This is quite an old one, but I was looking/testing for a while and wanted to give a hint for a similar issue.

In my customers environment the agent did start 30 seconds after the desktop was ready for the user and the logs did not show an issue. The solution was an extra delay for the agent, maybe for troubleshooting or waiting for other services:

In the WEM console under "Advanced Settings\Service Options" there is a setting for an "Agent EXTRA Launch Delay (ms)". We had a value of 30000 ms, maybe it was copied from a sample configuration, (but that was a bad idea). With an extra delay of 0 ms the agent started immediately.

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