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License Server Previous Upload to Citrx.com Failed

Enrico Rudolph




we have a error massage on the eirector that the "License Server Previous Upload to Citrx.com Failed"

​We don't need this. So we disable the feature with the command:


ctx_license_management_service.exe -disable


A "ctx_license_management_service.exe -query" give me this: "The License Management Service is disabled"


Then i go to ..\Citrix\Licensing\LS\resource\usage\ and delete all the existing files in this folder.
​Next i go to ..\Citrix\licensing\LS\resource\cache\ and delete the file upload_result.xml

​Then i restart the all the Citirx License Services. After i dit this alle error message in the Director is gone. But a short time later the error message ist back. 

Has anyone a idea how i can prevent the Citrix Licensing Service to call home?

​Enrico Rudolph 










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Editing the C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles\CITRIX.opt file and changing the setting to NONE worked for me (CITRIX CEIP NONE).  The other fixes about deleting the files and restarting the services would work for a few minutes and then it would show back up in director.  This seems to have fixed it.... so far.



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