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v4.9 - Sessions distorted and poor performance


Dear all,


after upgrading to the latest Receiver v4.9 on one of our Windows 10 clients the user is unable to use his published apps in seamless mode, i.e. after launching a published app it's displayed in quite a distorted and fragmented way and refreshing the app's screen takes ages (pls see JPGs attached). 


The user has a multi monitor setup (3 displays) and had no issues with a previous version 4.6 of Citrix Receiver. He's connecting to published applications hosted on a Windows Server 2008 R2 with VDA 7.11 installed. Connections are from a internal network, i.e. using StoreFront (v3.11).


Nothing else has been changed.


As soon as the user reverted to v4.6 (by running the Receiver Clean-Up Utility and performing a clean re-install) everything went back to normal.


Any ideas? Known issue?





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After some users experiencing screen refresh of Office Applications, typing in Word doesn't show up on one of the screens but the other screen didn't experience we decieded to update Citrix Receiver. After upgrading we exactly ran into your problem with de 4.9 Citrix Receiver LTSR. We have XenApp 6.5 on W2k8 r2, storefront also 3.11.


I will revert to an earlier version than 4.9, we previously were stuck on 4.3.100 because of some print issue which were solved in 4.7. i was in progress of testing the Citrix Receiver 4.9 to solve the first issue but this distortedhas a bigger impact then the screen refresh.


I will keep you updated on the problem, maybe we can find something in the 4.9 version.

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not sure about the mentioned problems, but I currently heard of issues with a Microsoft Hotfix.

Issues occur in combination with Server 2008r2, RDS, multimonitor-setup, ...


Uninstalling "KB4034664" is the current solution for this. You could give it a try ...



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Hello Sklopp,


Your right about the KB4034664 and we already revoked that on 15 August, so that wasn't the problem. Some Sherlock at Microsoft decided to put the fixes and improvements from KB4034664 into KB4034670.


I quote MS "This non-security update includes imporvements and fixes that were a part of KB4034664 .....................".


After deinstalling KB4034670 i'm not getting the issue anymore with Citrix Receiver 4.8 and not refreshing one screen (my initial problem). I will keep posted because want to do some more testing with Citrix Receiver 4.9 and the distortion reported by topic starter and also seen by us.

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I have tested it with the Citrix Receiver 4.9 and all problems that were reported in this post is solved by uninstalling KB4034670, and the previous KB4034664 which we retracted a week ago. We also uninstalled KB4034679 during the troubleshooting (this was done in my holiday by a co-worker) but I'm not sure if this last one also needs to be uninstalled.


Because I wanted to know if the KB4034679 was rightfully deinstalled i reinstalled and also got problems with the rendering on Citrix Receiver 4.8 and 4.9.


So to summerize the KB articles that need to be uninstalled see below.

- KB4034679

- KB4034664

- KB4034670 (which incorporates "fixes and improvements" from KB4034664)


All is wel and I am going to revoke these KB's.

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