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NetScaler Gateway to Load balanced storefront

Paul Maintone

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So wondering if anyone can help with something as I cant seem to find any resources on the web!


Basically I have a NetScaler Gateway Virtual Server (VIP - that currently uses a session profile that points to a single storefront server ( I have built another for resilience (IP


I have then created a Load balanced Virtual server (VIP - that load balances the 2 servers.


What I am trying to do is point the session profile for the netscaler gateway (VIP -

at the load balancer config (VIP - so that the storefront servers are load balanced for the Netscaler remote access.


Problem is I get 'Internal Server' Error after the netscaler authentication.


The NetScaler Gateway VS works fine with the session profile pointing at one server and the load balanced config works fine as well, but when I try to make the 2 work together it fails.


Does that makes sense what I am trying to achieve? if so any ideas? I believe this used to work on earlier versions of NetScaler


Thanks Paul

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Thanks for the responses.


The protocol is HTTPS as is on the server which has a trusted wildcard certificate. It works direct to the SF servers, just not to an address on the same netscaler. I am using DNS on the NS to resolve a name to an IP on the same appliance.


Thanks Paul 

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