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[STF] - after change password When logging off from the Storefront portal a logoff error message is presented

Yann Michalak1709152815

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Hi guyz :D


we have yet need help on Storefront 3.8 & Netscaler gateway 12....

We have a Netscaler gateway with : Allow change password enabled

We have a Storefront store with authentication "Pass-Through from Netscaler Gaetway" & "allow users to change password" enable.

When a user change his password :


  1. post-12084053-0-62681000-1502441003_thumb.jpg
  2. post-12084053-0-76169400-1502441009_thumb.jpg
  3. post-12084053-0-19735800-1502441018_thumb.jpg
  4. post-12084053-0-88117100-1502441054_thumb.jpg


- Log Off action is set to : None (We try also "LogOff")

- Trust XML is enable on all Citrix Farm


Do you have another idea ?


Thx for your Help :)

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