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Feature request: policy priority management in Studio

Scott Knights




In old versions of Xenapp, there were buttons to move policies directly to the highest or lowest priority. These are missing in 7.x. Trying to add a new high priority policy to an environment with a lot of policies requires either repeated click and wait to move it from the bottom of the list one priority at a time, or using powershell.


Can the move to top/bottom buttons be added? Alternatively and even better, add an option to specify the priority number when creating or editing a policy.

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Hi Scott.

You can adjust policy priority with powershell command:

Run powershell as admin 
1. asnp citrix* 
2. Import-module "C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Scout\Current\Utilities\Citrix.GroupPolicy.Commands.psm1" 
3. new-psdrive localfarmgpo -psprovider citrixgrouppolicy -root \ -controller localhost Check the Type and Enabled value for the policy from the output 
4. Set-CtxGroupPolicy -PolicyName "POlicyName" -Type -Enabled <0 or 1> -Priority 
5. Refresh the policy node in Studio
Anyway, I will submit a feature request in our internal system. thanks
Guang Liu
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