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Odd licenses for VPX Platinum

Henrik -

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I tried the eval of Netscaler ADC which hade V1000 Platinum license. But there is still 4 options not licensed. What is missing to get those licensed for eval? I am all over the place trying all sorts of functions just to get a better view of capabilities....can someone explain what those options are for and how they are licensed?


                URL Filtering: NO

            Video Optimization: NO

                Forward Proxy: NO

              SSL Interception: NO


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Hello Henrik,


You need separate feature license for those special features.

SSL Interception, URL Filtering and Forward Proxy require NetScaler Secure Web Gateway license (that is sold separated) to be enable.




Video Optimization requires separated license too





Hope that clarifies you question.

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It does. It seems SWG and ADC is not to be used on the same appliance but rather two different ones and the license you apply make the appliance act as one or the other but not both functions simultaneously?


As for the video optimization, it seems not to be available for development/evaluation/testing but rather a feature for big companies only.


Is that right?

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