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(Another) MAS Licensing Question

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Apologies if all of this sounds familiar but MAS licensing....


I know you get 30 virtual servers for free with MAS but with our hosted data centre we have Platinum licensing in place for the Netscaler we use and have around 70 VS.


The Citrix account is managed by them but from my understanding, we should be able to get hold of a MAS license at no extra cost, however, they are banding things around like they need to acquire licensing costs etc.


Can someone please shed some light as to the licensing requirements and where I could get actual documentation that no further costs would be incurred so that we can present this?


Thanks for any assistance.

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So, yes, you can install MAS, and certain features are not capped, but monitoring VServers IS licensed.


As you say, the included licence allows monitoring 30 VServers, but beyond that you DO unfortunately need to buy licences... I think you can buy them is quantities as low as 10 VServers at a time.


And no, Platinum doesn't help here :-(

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Just to add to this for anyone else that has more than 30 VS, you can omit a number of VServers from Infrastructure_Licenses_System Licenses and the click on Modify Licensed Virtual Servers.


Then just keep polling and repeat so you get what you actually need to see.


We have UAT and TEST VServers and are not that much bothered about but at least now I can get to see out Live servers.


So that's a big plus :-)

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On 7/21/2017 at 5:45 PM, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

MAS vServer licensing is not included in NetScaler Platinum. It's a separate license.

Is our netscaler license is different from NMAS License? 

I have Platinum netscaler license will it support my App dashboard in NMAS?

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