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Receiver for Chromebook Flip C302 - Crashing Chrome OS

Trenton Beaver


I use Citrix Receiver to log into my work environment. I have been able to get it setup properly on my Chromebook and it works as long as I stay in the app and do not attempt to switch out of it back to the Chromebook environment. When I open the recent windows/apps view on the Chromebook while using Citrix (in full screen) and select another window (gmail for example), Chrome crashes and kicks me out of my Citrix Receiver session. This does not happen every time I try to switch windows, but it does happen often enough to be very frustrating. Once Citrix Receiver is closed (or even uninstalled), I can switch apps and have as many things running within Chrome OS without crashes occurring. Once I add Citrix Receiver back and log in and switch back to Chrome, it is inevitable that at some point Chrome is going to crash. I must be able to use Receiver over the HTML5 version of the Receiver because it is more feature rich. 


Please help! I have to buy my own equipment for my job and just recently bought this Chromebook. When it does not crash, it is great. 


Please let me know your thoughts on this matter. I am able to replicate the crashes anytime so if I need to generate logs to share, etc, let me know.



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Thank you for the quick reply. That is very good to know. I didn't want to have to return my Chromebook because of the OS crashing while using Citrix. Typically how long does it take for a bug to be worked out? Is there some way for me to track it? I am assuming the bug will be covered in a future release, yes? 


Regards and Thanks!

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