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MCS XenApp 7.14.1 DHCP random fail




I've set up a fresh XenApp 7.14.1 (DDC; W2K12R / VDA W2K8R2 on ESXi 6.0) based on MCS. The master image is a fresh install with latest Windows updates and VMware tools.


When creating and updating the MCS Catalog and at scheduled reboot VDA's randomly end up in unregistered state because they don't pick up a DHCP address (DHCP reserverations created) but end up with a private 169.254 address


DHCP services are running in failover mode on 2 W2K12 Domain Controllers and serve multiple subnets. The subnet where the VDA's reside is the same as the DC's and also serves clients on the local LAN (don't ask) without any issues. Event logs on both DC's don't give a clue about any error (compared times of reboot and log)


Event logs on the affected VM's show event id's 1001 and 1003, (Your computer was not assigned an address from the network (by the DHCP Server) for the Network Card with network address xxx.  The following error occurred: 0x79.)


A manual reboot from within Vsphere usually resolves the issue.


I've checked for hidden or ghost NIC devices and on the master image non are present. On the MCS VDA's though there are two hidden or ghosted NIC devices present (also on the servers which do get a DHCP address)


Furthermore, I've played with Network provider order and clearing DHCP reg keys on Master image to no avail.


Also I've recreated the Machine Catalog to rule out any corruption in the Machine Catalog DB


I'm a bit at a loss here. Anyone an idea?


Much appreciated,


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same here with XenApp 7.8 with Windows Server 2012 R2 running on Vmware ESXi 5.5.0 Build 5230635.


I noticed that "getting devices ready..." during server boot takes an unusual amount of time when the issue occures. Usually the servers are already connected to the network throughout this process.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the NIC (vmxnet3) in vSphere client or migrating the vm on a different host solves the problem.


It doesn't seem to be a dhcp issue, since static ip address configuration doesn't help either. DHCP requests are sent, but never reach the DHCP server!

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for now I've resolved the issue by running a Powershells script every night. On a scheduled reboot, a non-registered VDA will be automatically shutdown after 20 minutes.


Schedule this script (run multiple times in case a second reboot renderers the VDA unregistered again) after the scheduled reboot to automatically start powered-off VDA's.





PS: rename XA_Powerup.txt to XA_Powerup.ps1


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Our issue was uncovered as well by breaking apart an image and adding components one by one.


Windows 10 Enterprise Desktop

- No issue with Non-Persistent Desktop

- No issue with Persistent, Static Desktop


- Issue was ONLY present with a Personal vDisk (PvD) desktop.


In the end, the issue was related to a version of Symantec PGP that was not compliant with Windows 10.

If you would disable the Windows Firewall Service - DHCP would work without issue (not recommended)

With the Firewall Service enabled but disabled from a profile (Domain) perspective - DHCP would fail to function.


By removing this piece of software and updating to the correct version - issue resolved!

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