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Weird logon time numbers in Director 7.13

Oleg Obukhov1709157098


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Hi Oleg,


Please go through the following blog for more information about Logon Duration and how it is calculated and displayed - http://blogs.citrix.com/2013/09/20/director-logon-duration-explained/

The 8 Logon Steps not totaling up to the complete Logon Duration is as designed.



Simarpreet Singh

Thank you for your response, Simarpreet. This article, however, still doesn't explain why I got 520 seconds logon duration in my DEV farm when, in fact, it was about 15 seconds.

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It's amazing how little information there is regarding the enormous mysterious logon duration times not accounted for in the Logon Duration pane in Director.  The Logon Duration "Explained" document is equally inadequate at troubleshooting overall logon time.  It's like taking my car to the mechanic because it takes 10 tries to start every morning and the mechanic says "the spark plugs are good, the alternator is good, the battery is good, that's all I can check...good luck with your issue!"  Would be nice to troubleshoot this more effectively without needing to open Citrix support tickets for these very common issues.

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