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Parameter bypassSafetycheck deprecated in 11.1 ?

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I am trying to enforce secure cookie according to https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX138055

 but on the latest 11.1 release.


I am getting an error that says that the parameter bypassSafetycheck is deprecated. I cannot find any updated writing about this for the 11.1 firmware.


Is there a different parameter I should use instead or how do I do this on 11.1?

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The article mentioned above says:


From the method mentioned in this article only server generated cookies can be rewritten, not the cookies generated by NetScaler Appliance (for ex: AppFirewall, persistence, VPN session cookies and so on)
Also note that this procedure is not applicable to VPN Vservers.


It is actually a security scanning tool that reports that "secure cookie is missing" on the NetScaler Gateway url.


So.. If this method cannot be applied to the NetScaler Gateway vServer, how can it then be configured instead...??

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A very late response: the "safety check" provided almost zero benefit but was an annoyance in being required for certain configurations, so it was removed. For some releases it was hidden and was ignored if set (except for the warning). As suggested above, just remove this parameter.

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