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VIPS are down after upgrade 11.1 53.11

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If your VIPs are down, then you need to look at the bound services: an LBVS (by default) requires that at least one of the services is up for the LBVS is up.


Within the relevant services (which I assume will be down) check the monitor(s): netscaler will tell you what the last reported error was: this should help you work out why you have an issue.


From the CLI:

- show lb vserver <vserver name> will tell you about the LBVserver, and will list the bound services

- show service <service name> will tell you about the service, as well as about the monitor.


For example:

> show service Red_http

<stuff removed for clarity>

1)      Monitor Name: http
                State: UP       Weight: 1       Passive: 0
                Probes: 75134   Failed [Total: 0 Current: 0]
                Last response: Success - HTTP response code 200 received.
                Response Time: 2.250 millisec


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Of course, only the Primary node actually sends Monitor probes.


Over the past, I've noticed where the secondary seems to show everything as down, but more recent versions seem to mirror the status from the primary, and thus shows the vservers as up.


Now, if the two Netscalers are on different versions, there is no synchronisation happening (just HA packets): I wonder if that might cause the vservers to show as down? (I'm running 11.1, and just tried disabling sync & propogation to simulate this.... but secondary is still showing things as UP!!)

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On 6/12/2017 at 2:58 AM, sagar Phadatare said:

Hi Paul, 


I upgraded secondary node first and was checking VIPs on secondary node.

Are VIPs on secondary node supposed to be down?


Just tested this on an 11.1 60.13 to 11.1 64.14 upgrade.

all VIPs/Services were down on the secondary after upgrading it.

Once i forced a failover to establish it as primary, all services/VIPs now show "up/up" 


Also, if you go back to the (formerly) primary node, with it now being the secondary and on an older version, it will show everything in a down state until you upgrade it.


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