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Xenmobile and Samsung Knox mobile Enrollment - Stuck in Cycle

Ross Warden




Has anyone here got any experience in enrolling Samsung phones into  Xenmobile using Samsung Knox mobile Enrollment? We successfully use DEP for our apple devices but have recently moved to Samsung for our corporate mobiles but i'm running into a spot of bother.


I've followed the citrix guide on on how to configure the integration and have a device registered in our Knox mobile management portal and the phone acknowledges this when it boots and goes through the motion of enrolling. The issue comes after it downloads secure hub and prompts for my credentials. After entering these it repeats the whole process again (downloading secure hub etc.) until i'm prompted to put my credentials into secure hub again and rinse and repeat....


Has anyone experienced this before and something similar? 







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Hi Ross,


I assume that you have used the following guide for this procedure?




Please be aware that at the moment the installation still expects WorxHome.APK to be available, not SecureHub.APK.

To clarify, see the following excerpt from the referenced guide...


  • For MDM Agent APK, the Secure Hub APK download URL. For example:



It might be that this apk still needs to be renamed on your server?


If you have already taken this step (i.e. you have already renamed SecureHub.apk to WorxHome.apk before making it available on your server) then there might be something else going wrong here.


Further information might be required from the log files (SecureHub client logs or even ADB logs from the device itself) could help.

These logs would best be provided over a support case if you have one logged with our team?


If the information provided above does happen to help you solve this problem, please do go ahead and mark this forum topic as answered so as to help our other community users.


Many thanks,


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Thanks David,


I thought that this might have been the case too so had already tried renaming the securehub.apk to WorxHome.apk but I have repeated the process just to make sure.


The issue doesn't seem to be with the downloading securehub as this actually completes and you get presented to enter you credentials to enroll, just as you would when you download it from a store, although it skips over the server address (understandable as this is supplied from Samsung Knox mobile Enrollment side of things). The issue comes after you enter your credentials and the the enrollment process goes to complete, at this point it it skips back to the beginning of the process and Samsung Knox mobile Enrollment downloads securehub again.  


I'll have a look in the logs and see if i can see anything that would indicate why.



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Hi Ross,


It appears that your device may be suffering a 'selective wipe' during the end of the enrolment process.

You may see '412' errors in the SecureHub logs (or words to the effect that a selective wipe has occurred).

This may indicate a misconfiguration of certificates on the NetScaler (or there could be other reasons).

This might be something that needs a support case to be opened if close analysis is required - hopefully you will be able to find something 'standing out' when you investigate.

Incidentally, are standard enrolments working ok? (You might find issues here also).

You can test on https://xmanalyzer.xm.citrix.com for further insights in to this.




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Hi Ross,


i had the same issue. Have you deployed a single policy for Android Enterprise through Xenmobile?

This policy have to be pushed for the user you try to login.

I never made a policy before because i wanted to test enrollment at first


After i set up a policy for AE the setup didn't stuck in a cylce.  




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