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Citrix ICA RTT - Network Latency - Slow performance




VD performance is (at times) very slow, there seems to be a "delay" in the actions.

For example:

- Clicking on Internet Explorer also displays the application after 3 seconds
- switch from one window to the other very slow
- very slow mouse movement

These abnormalities occur several times a day.

I asked for a check on the team network, which they assured me of for them
There is no problem on the network.

The "latency" field displayed in CQI logs (actually constant at 2ms) represents the network latency between the ICA Client device and the Server. There are no anomalies in this case.

I monitored the abnormality with the Citrix Quality Indicator application, which, by reading the log file,
It notifies some issues, especially about ICA RTT which has a sometimes very variable value, even over 200ms.
This field represents latency understood as the time interval between a user action and the graphical response displayed.

I have also installed HDX monitor, which has a very high performance rating, not complaining of anomalies.


I attach some useful information and part of the logs



Citrix Director:


Receiver version:


ICA RTT: 309ms

Latency: 89ms




Logs Connection quality indicator:


In detail I can see that connection is initially OK (Strong connection):

Latency ICA RTT: 12ms

Line speed: 216MBps

Latency: High


Connection Strenght: High



After a few minutes: Poor connection


Latency ICA RTT: 228ms

Line speed: 222Mbps

Latency: High

RTT: Low

Connection Streinght:low



Then return to normal:


Latency ICA RTT: 321ms

Line speed: 202MBps

Latency: High

RTT: Inconsistent

Connection Streinght: None





Thank you for your help

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There are multiple factors that go into the total accumulation of ICA latency in addition to the raw network latency.


In an internal use case the largest factors are the client PC time processing the ICA traffic, the network latency, and the VDA time processing the ICA traffic. Externally you also need to add in external WAN latency and the NetScaler processing latency.


That in mind, given what you are observing about consistencies in the network latency, I'd suggest investigating the activity taking place on the endpoint and on the VDA at the time you are observing the spikes in ICA latency.


I've seen a number of cases where things like peaked CPU utilization on an endpoint is manifesting as delays within the ICA session, or similar scenarios.

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On 4/7/2020 at 5:52 PM, Hauke Schillemat1709158366 said:

Push, same here. I opened a ticket at Citrix.

I turned off the hdx adaptiv transport as policy, so the clients conect via tcp and not udp.

In netscaler i disabled dtls at the gateway.

In the next days i will get an engineer at my enviroment, so then we will trace the problem.

Without udp no problem. Dont´t know why...

I am having this same problem in my 7.15 LTSR environment after upgrading one of the Storefront servers to 1912 LTSR. Did you ever get a resolution?

I disabled DTLS in the netscaler and that seems to have fixed it. Not 100% certain yet.


Turns out the upgrade over wrote the default.ica file on the Storefront server. After adding in the appropriate settings for our environment the problem appears to be solved. More testing is happening but things look good.

Update the file:


Add  lines to [Application] section:





; This is to enable Real-Time Transport


; This is to Allow Real-Time Transport Through gateway


; This is to set audio quality to Medium


; UDP Port range



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