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Cache in device RAM with overflow settings

Matt Kozlowski


I haven't really used this before, but my understanding is its supposed to provide better performance. Previously I would use cache on device hard drive. What are you setting your maximum ram size on PVS to? 


I have our vdisk set to 1024 for maximum ram size, and the target devices have 5b of RAM, with a 6gb cache disk size. 


Are these settings adequate for performance? devices are also running on SSD storage. 


I've been having a few devices hang and was considering going back to cache on device as a troubleshooting step until i can identify the source.





Sorry, i'm using PVS 7.8, XenDesktop 7.8, and XenServer 7.1

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This is an older post but i just realized i never followed up. The performance hangs were due to the cache disks not being sized appropriately. Also, large file transfers cause the cache file to fill up. Which was what was happening. Solution was to increase my cache disk sizes - i ended up going with 10gb for average workloads and 15gb for power users. This was sufficient for our needs. What helped was to monitor the cache used performance for a user experiencing the problem.

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Hard to say, the users session seems to freeze on them... I think if they wait long enough, it will eventually return, but most want it cleared as soon as possible so they can continue working. 


I had experienced similar performance problems in the past when attempting the Cache in RAM method. I don't think the drive is filling though... going to try reverting to cache on device today to see if things improve. 

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