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Citrix MCS and Nutanix AHV

Christopher Yue


We are planning to move away from VMware over to a Nutanix Hyper Converged solution.


In addition, we will be moving over the Acropolis Hypervisor.


Just wanted to know if anyone has had any experience in using the above in conjunction with Citrix Machine Creation Services.


This in terms of ease of deployment and use.



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Hi Christopher


Yes you simply have to install a plugin on your DDCs and you then will be able to select Nutanix AHV as your hosting ressources in Citrix Studio. On your master image you only as with other hypervisors you only have to install the VirtIO drivers. The provisioning and update process of the machine catalog is hell (maybe about max. 5 minutes for 100 VMs) and since the Nutanix cloning mechanism it's very storage efficient. See http://blog.myvirtualvision.com/2016/08/26/citrix-mcs-on-nutanix-ahv-unleashing-power/ for details about this.



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Follow your video link at below that it's easy to use MCS but I would like to ask some question. If Acropolis updated new version in future that it will effect with using MCS or not?

I meaning in case if I still  not change Virtual App version.


On 5/30/2017 at 5:02 PM, Rene Bigler said:

btw. here is a video 

 that might give you some impressions



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