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HELP! 3 monitors and extend desktop challenges

David Bolous


Hi everyone, 

I'm really hoping someone out there has a solution for me as i've called just about everyone and done ton of research online but have come up with nothing.  Long story short is that I have an imac connected to 2 external monitors (so three displays altogether).  When i remote in to my company through citrix receiver, and maximize the window to take advantage of the multiple displays - it automatically extends to all three monitors because the extend desktop through apple system preferences is on.  My issue is that i only want to extend to two of the three displays because i need to open up other local software on my third display that's outside of my work connection through citrix receiver.  The issue is once i click on another local app on my third monitor, it automatically switches outside of my citrix receiver and so i can't have displays showing work (citrix receiver) and a display showing another local app.  


I've called everyone, my monitor company, Apple, my IT support for work, etc., no one has a solutoin for me.  So far, my only solution, is to get another computer and run the two external monitors to it for work and then keep the imac as a completely separate computer simply for my other software that i need outside of citrix.  


I'm guessing i'm not the only one that ever had to do this so really hoping someone might be able to offer a solution to me.  Thanks very much!

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I do not know how to achieve exactly what you're asking for. However, there is an option in System Preferences -> Mission Control called "Displays have separate Spaces". When that is unchecked Citrix Receiver will use all available displays when full screen. When it is checked Receiver will only use one display when full screen. This will enable you to have a local app on one display and Receiver on another. I do not think it will allow you to put Receiver on 2 out of 3 though. Unfortunately, that is the closest I know of for a solution for you. I only have two displays though; my MacBook and an external. Given the way Apple hides settings if they don't apply to your configuration, maybe that preferences pane will give you more options than it gives me.

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