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XA 713 VDA Unregistered for a few seconds

Reinier van Dijk




Recently we went from XA 76 to 713, ever since we see in the log often a machine failure.

after taking a closer look it seems that once in the so much time the VDA is unregistered for a very short moment.


What i see in the eventlog for the VDA is this: 

Warning 1050:

Connection validation failed on domain '' for user '' for reason 'Deny'.


3 seconds later: 

Warning 1048:

The Citrix Desktop Service is re-registering with the DDC: 'NotificationManager:NotificationServiceThread: WCF failure or rejection by broker (DDC: FQDNofDDC)'


Everything continues to work, no weird issues either..

I just don't have a good feeling about machines being unregistered for a few seconds every once in a while. (about 10 every 2 hours we have 72 Xenapp Servers.)

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