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Server 2016 Updates - User Installation And Reboot

Alex Profilet1709155023


I have been able to get the updates in 2016 to function how I want by using GPO settings available, except one very important thing. Normal users (non admin, non power user) are able to not only install windows updates through the settings app but they can even reboot the server if the update requires it! And of course with the update packs they use now that's basically every month now. 2016 is not accepting the GPOs that prevent the users from doing this.


Does anybody have a way to resolve this besides disabling the Windows Update service or the entire Settings app? Neither are desireable to me. A hacky potential fix is writing a script and scheduled task that stops and disabled the service during the day then enables it at night so it can check for updates during the maintenance periods. I don't really like that option though and I have a feeling the OS will fight the script to run that service.

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That setting would be great, if it existed in 2016. As far as I can tell it's only available with the creator's update for Windows 10. I don't see it on fully up to date 2016 servers. Thanks for the suggestion though.


I did find a GPO setting that works, but I'm concerned that it completely disabled updates for the server:

Computer Config > Policies > Admin Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update > Remove access to use all Windows Update features

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