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COM Port Redirection with Linux Receiver

John Bailey


I have been investigating the use of the Raspberry Pi as a thin client using the ThinLinX software package, which includes Receiver 13.5.0 as detailed here:


$ ./wfica -version

Citrix Receiver for LinuxArmHF


I am able to connect to StoreFront, log in, and access the Desktop.  The Desktop is served from a Windows Server 2012 R2 server with VDA 7.6 installed and COM port redirection and automapping enabled via the registry.  I have also ensured that the wfclient.ini file contains the following settings:





When I connect to the desktop, "net use" shows me the output I expect, that COM1 and COM2 are mapped to \\client\COM1: and \\client\COM2: respectively.  However, the devices attached to these serial ports do not work.  COM1: is an Epson TM-U675 OPOS printer and COM2: is a Topaz signature pad.  I have confirmed that I can send data to the printer and receive data from the signature pad when Receiver is not connected to the Desktop, which leads me to believe this is a Receiver problem, not a ThinLinX problem.


Of course all this works on a Windows thin client and also a plain Windows PC where the same USB to Serial adapters are COM1: and COM2: and Receiver for Windows is used.


I'm hoping someone can help point me in the right direction or even has the answer to the problem.

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hello there....I am having kind of the same problem. I am trying to set up the Epson tm-u675 to work within CITRIX. I was able to get it to acknowledge the USB1 port using the client bar for redirection, but once I switched out the computer the device setting on  the client bar disappears and I can't get it back and the printer doesn't work anymore....can anyone help?

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