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create desktop shortcuts

Matt Harrington


An outside company hosts 25 Citrix servers for us.  On these 25 servers they run about 40 different apps that our company uses.   I've noticed that the LaunchID= value changes for each shortcut and I assume this is based on which server it connects too.


I was asked to create desktop shortcuts for 4 apps.   Nothing I do seems to work.  I have dragged the icon from within our Internet Explorer Portal page.   


I have tried to create the shortcuts using GPO


I have created shortcuts manually.


But since we have 25 servers and the LaunchID changes they don't work.


how do you create 4 desktop shortcuts that will work No Matter What server you connect too?   



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Hi, on another posting (that you actually commented on  http://discussions.citrix.com/topic/347822-shortcut-on-users-desktop/



I read this:   


Placing icons on the Desktop is no longer available after 3.4. You can only move these icons to the Start Menu. This article explains the process on doing so. Requires installing via CLI to install SSO and have StartMenuDir option.


Is that true?  They have to be on the Start Menu?

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Thanks.   Yes, we use StoreFront but we want the shortcuts on the Desktop, not on a webpage.  So I read your page: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX200337


I'm unclear on how/where I do this.   If I have a hosted Citrix app that has this as the Target: 



How/where do I add a shortcut that will launch this app regardless of which server I connect too?




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One more.  I actually did try to use GPO to create the desktop shortcuts.  It works but since the LaunchID changes they ended up not working.   You log out and log back in a few times and you connect to different Citrix servers and then the desktop shortcuts fail to work.


So, how is this done?   :huh:

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Hi All, 


We're running XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15, and yes, we still have a desktop (this is due to the application for user friendliness).

It's not my favorite, but it's how we have implemented it now.


So the question remains.

We can configure apps to be published straight to the user's desktop.

Each user can configure his favorite apps and desktops to be on his local desktop (this is complicated for normal users and a very long documentation that almost none will follow).

But there is still no possibility to add the desktop to the user's desktop from Citrix Studio or using Powershell (actually I don't find how to get the published desktops in PS).


Are there any news regarding this ?



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