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Is there a way to reset Norskale VUEM licence usage ?

Laurent de Rozario


Here is the context :
I have 2500 licences installed before Citrix bought directly with Norskale (before they joined Citrix). Additionnaly I have 3500 VUEM licences through XenDesktop Platinium Software maintenance. So my thoeric total for the use of this product is 6000. VUEM was installed with our initil 2500 licences.
VUEM is on version 3.50.01 entreprise.
Our XenaApp/Desktop infra is on 7.9.
My problem : 
I can not open Norskale Administration Console because it says that I have reached the 2500 licences installed and I use more (3500). Is there a way to reset licence usage or upgrade the licence key to get rid of this message (and be able to use the Admin console again).
Thanks in advance for your answer,


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