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Citrix PVS TFTP to listen on multiple NIC


Hi Guys,


We run PVS 7.13 with 3 Streaming NICs configured

I realized that after install Citrix TFTP is listening only on a single NIC;


I need to configure TFTP to listen on all 3 NICs

I ran c:\program files\Citrix\provisioning services\tftpcpl.cpl but it's not allowing to select more that 1 NIC (?);


How to make TFTP listen on all 3 streaming NICs?




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This is because of the PVS TFTP sevice limitaion, which only can bind only one NIC.

To resolve this issue, use other TFTP service that can be bound to multiple NICs, such as Solarwind TFTP.

Following are the examples of the setup to resolve this issue:

  • Use Solarwind TFTP which supports binding to multiple NICs:

    1. Install Solarwind TFTP on the PVS server.

    2. Disable the PVS TFTP service.

    3. Configure Solarwind TFTP to the .bin file location on the PVS server.

  • Use the DHCP scope option and customize it with the correct PVS server IP for the segment and .bin file. Configure using the DHCP options 66/67.


Jack Tu :)

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