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Mouse lag for some, but not all, clients in same location

Brett Armistead


First, XA 6.5 on Win2008R2, Win7 client using Win7 Basic theme, no mouse pointer shadow.


Two Win7 desktops on same network running published application, eg. Excel, on same XA server, but one session has mouse lagging and other does not.

Lagging presents itself as mouse movement over Excel menu and ribbon buttons respond (highlight or "pop up") moments later. Dragging across cells lags. Shaking mouse across the ribbon bar and then drag-selecting some cells can leave a few seconds before performing the action and seeing the response from Excel.

Running side by side with another client that has immediate response from the published app on the same server.


Tried mix of Receiver versions from 3.4 (Ent), 4.5 and 4.6.


Started happening a couple of months ago for one remote site, but just started last weekend for another remote site. (problem is reproducible locally too, so it's not network related, and there's no evidence of lag on the network in general). I suspect OS hotfixes, but we have 1000's of clients that have the latest OS hotfixes who are not affected.


Does not fit the standard Aero/Win2012/Mouse pointer shadow issue. Affects all other apps too, but Excel displays the symptoms most visually due to Ribbon bar and cell selection with mouse.

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- Is the isue seen in a published desktop as well as a published seamless application ?

-As the issue is client specific is it also seen in an RDP session to the same XA server ?


- Try solution from http://discussions.citrix.com/topic/280843-published-rdp-and-windows-7/


Changing Mouse Pointers, resolved the issue in my case. 

Goto>> Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization > Personalization 


On the left pane > Change Mouse Pointers 

Change it to anything except AERO.



- As always HRP07 is recommended on the XA servers .



Brian McCann

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Some clarification: Aero not on/Not using Win2012/Mouse pointer shadow not enabled.


Given that, the problem is not related to the standard Aero/Mouse pointer issues.

We have 1000's of clients but this problem has just started to affect dozens in the last week. The fact that it has just started makes me think it is client patches causing it, but narrowing it down to differences is time consuming (albeit necessary). It will take a number of days to work this out, so my intention is to put this onto the forum to see if anyone else has had this issue.


To Brian McCann, yes, the problem occurs in Published Desktop too. It is client related as far as I can tell - not Receiver version. One client does not have any lag regardless of how it connects, while another client always has lag. They can be the same model, same OS, same user, on the same network port, but have had a different life (eg. levels of patching). Unfortunately I have two remote sites that are essentially 99% experiencing lag (a couple of machines are exceptions at each site) but only in the XenApp environment. Normal network connections are fine. Lag is also being experienced on a few machines locally (<1ms ping), so it's not a general network issue.


I'll post updates as I find more info. I am also gathering info to raise a Citrix case.

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It is also caused by using multiple monitors. If you are using more than one monitors, make sure that the screen resolution of all monitors are identical such as (1920x1080), also check that the scaling is also set the same for all monitors. I solved this problem by selecting each monitor and changing the resolution to 1920x1080 and changing the scaling to 125%, and after a restart, mouse lagging and offset errors disappeared. 

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