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Cookie security=secure

Marek Jurek

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I have NS10.5: Build 61.11.nc, We have configured LB with Virtual Sever which have Persistence COOKIEINSERT. Everything is working correctly but security scan showed that this cookie have configured HttpOnly but don't have set security=secure. I tried set this using article https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX138055 but it seems that this description shows how to rewrite responses from backend but in my case I need to set secure on NetScaler PersistanceCookie "NSC_cookie".

Could you help me how to do this?





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I did it before but it didn't help.

After this change cookie is encrypted but security parameter was not set

I need in cookie sent by NetScaler set two parameters: HttpOnly (which is currently set to HttpOnly) and Security set to Secure (but this parameter don't exist in cookie send by Netscaler).

What else  I should to do to fix this security issue?

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You pointed me to article which was mentioned by me that it didn't help because as you can read:

From the method mentioned in this article only server generated cookies can be rewritten, not the cookies generated by NetScaler Appliance

So I'm still looking for solution.

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The fault is with the security scanning software which falsely identifies this as a vulnerability.  Even so, I have submitted a Request for Feature Enhancement RFE to add this as an option for VServers with an SSL protocol and persistenceType of COOKIEINSERT

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