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Xenserver 7 Failed to load VDI ( Volume Group Not Found)

Wei Xiong Ku


Hi all,


I am currently facing this issue and hope that anyone able to help out to recover .


Currently i have 3 Iscsi Storage connected to my XenServer Pool.


However , one of my Iscsi Storage suddenly lost the volume group from each of the xenserver member.


When i try to xe sr-scan uuid=96c8b908-31e8-86fc-60ba-4a8c1fb05c87

Error parameters: , Failed to load VDI [opterr=rvgstats failed error is 5]


I got the error above.


Similiarly when i try to remount the pbd-plug , i get the following response.

 xe pbd-plug uuid=101a0f4e-0474-51aa-25b2-661f90844e2b
Error parameters: , The SR is not available [opterr=The SR is not available [opterr=no such volume group: VG_XenStorage-96c8b908-31e8-86fc-60ba-4a8c1fb05c87]],
The 3TB storage disk is no longer visible from fdisk command output , and also my vgscan no longer showing the volume group.
[root@rts-xenserver-09 ~]# vgscan
  Reading all physical volumes.  This may take a while...
  Found volume group "VG_XenStorage-0b22f17e-e05f-72fe-e6fc-ff69893e6488" using metadata type lvm2
  Found volume group "VG_XenStorage-19e03574-e689-2bfd-4cc9-ff02ca131802" using metadata type lvm2
  Found volume group "VG_XenStorage-c6bd510c-d234-3a66-ea61-4963633a7f80" using metadata type lvm2
Due to this issue , most of the VM can't boot up because the VDI is not available.



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On 2017. 11. 23. at 오후 3시 28분, Tobias Kreidl said:

볼륨 그룹을 재 활성화 했습니까? "vgscan -ay"를 시도하십시오.


vgscan -ay command shows to me like this.

[root@bi-first-server ~]# vgscan -ay
vgscan: invalid option -- a
  Error during parsing of command line.

what is wrong?

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