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XenDesktop "Freezing"

Steve Miller1709151720




XenDesktop 7.8 Delivery Controllers

Windows 7 Enterprise, 64bit virtual machines with 7.9 VDA

VMWare Hypervisor

Users connect to VDI through NetScaler 11.1 gateway

Receiver 4.5 with 2.1 HDX 

** We need the HDX benefits and downgrading is not something we want to do.



Our end users have reported that their virtual desktops will sometimes freeze.


At one point, we had a remote user join a WebEx from within his virtual machine, and during our troubleshooting session he actually experience a FREEZE. From his endpoint, his virtual machine did indeed appear frozen according to all who were at the remote site. BUT, everything appeared normal for those of us viewing his desktop through WebEx. We could instruct him on where to move his mouse, and when to click his mouse, and when he did, his virtual machine responded appropriately. He just couldn't see it locally.


Citrix back end showed everything was normal (active).


A simple client-side disconnect/reconnect resolves the FREEZE.


Session Reliability is turned off

Auto Client Reconnect is turned off.


Am I right to think that the Receiver on the endpoint is the component that has lost it's way? 


Has anyone experienced this, and even better... has anyone found a solution?


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The first thing I would do is upgrade the receiver to 4.7 and see if the issues go away. It sounds like receiver is acting up, so I would make sure to use the receiver cleanup utility to make sure it scrubs any leftover problems away.


What are the endpoints? If it has an Nvidia a GPU you can try to disable hardware acceleration on the endpoint and see if that helps.


Check director while this is happening and see if you have any latency creeping up.

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Had this exact issue recently with our GRID XenDesktops.


Our solution turned out to be using the newest NVidia drivers with XenServer 7.1 in combination with VDA 7.13 for NVENC.

Unfortunately this meant using 1GB profiles because NVidia & Citrix have a known issue with 512MB profiles.


Reconnecting did not solve our issue then.

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