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XenApp 7.6 - USB Smartcard Reader Automatic Redirection not working

Nik Stapley


Hi All

We have enabled all the required Citrix Policies and Receiver preferences to enable USB Redirection for our USB Smart Card Readers, and this works if you unplug and plug back in when the Citrix session is active. But we want to have it automatically connected at launch time and not have to perform this manual intervention.


I can confirm that from the same end client when connecting to the previous 6.5 farm the redirection does work and the Digital Identity Agent does prompt for the user PIN - it's only when connecting to the new XA7.6 farm that it does not automatically work.


As I say all related Citrix policies which were implemented in 6.5 and in 7.6 and it does work if you unplug and plug back in with the session launched. 


The specific identity software is NHS Digital Identity Agent only difference is it's v1 on 6.5 VDA but on 7.6 we upgraded to the latest v client 


It's as though unplugging and plugging back in kicks something into action on the citrix session, any ideas?






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