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Second mouse pointer in the middle of the screen

Ken Momrik


We recently began adding Windows Server 2016 Application Hosts to our Citrix XenApp 7.9 Farm.  We are noticing something very strange happening with our server connections.  There is another "extra"/"second" mouse pointer in the dead center of the screen, whether someone launches an application 'seamlessly' or launches a full desktop.  They cannot interact with it, it doesn't really do anything except sit there, and adjusting the pointer theme doesn't affect it.  It isn't "hurting" anything, but it is annoying to our end-users and they'd like it to be gone.


We are running Server 2016 application hosts on Server 2016 Hyper-V Hosts.  The Delivery Controller is still 2012 R2, but I don't think the DC is the problem since our older 2012 R2 app hosts are not seeing this behavior.


Has anyone seen this behavior and/or know how to resolve it?

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I was able to track down the cause of this issue... I had enabled "Legacy Graphics Mode" to troubleshoot a different issue.  It didn't help that issue, but the policy wasn't ever cleaned up.


In case anyone else comes across this post due to having the issue that I described, the fix (in my case) was very simply to DISABLE "Legacy Graphics Mode".

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I've got machines with a double mouse cursor as well. It seems the mouse stays stuck in the middle of the screen when a user tries to logon and doesn't go away.  Users are mostly on older thin client devices for which we had to have legacy graphics mode enabled or sessions to not start.  But from a fat client the same happens.  Specifically added a user to the DENY group so that Legacy Graphics is not enabled for that user per policy, but either not sure the policy is applied correctly for that user or if it is, for some reason the double mouse cursor still occurs.  


Love to hear if there are any updates on this???

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I have a similar issue. We just upgraded from 7.9 to 7.15 CU3 and moved our first users over. The users are reporting sporadic times that the mouse will not click on the icon it is over and show over another icon. We have tried all different versions of Receiver. It happens on all different Desktop OS for Windows. It happens if receiver is in Window Mode or Full Screen Mode. Legacy Graphics is off. Controllers are Windows 2016 / VDA is Windows 7. I have a case open with Citrix and just sent them logs. Anyone else have any suggestions?

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Does anyone have other resolutions to this problem?  I have applied via Citrix policy “Legacy Graphics Mode disabled” and ran “updates/Citrix Optimizer” without any success.  I am seeing the issue on all my Windows 2016 application hosts, both PVS and not.  Any help/suggestion is much appreciated.  I also have a ticket opened with Citrix.  Thanks!

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