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It's now August of 2018, and this problem persists.   Having to select the columns one wants every time Citrix Studio is launched is frustrating and primitive.   It's also difficult to explain to customers that have switched from the old XenApp 6.5 and earlier versions why the Citrix Studio console is so bad compared to previous versions of XenApp.   Saving the columns is just one thing, but I have an entire laundry list of items - things like being unable to show the session idle time in Citrix Studio (you have to use Citrix Director to see this), and where is the auto-refresh of user data?    XenApp/XenDesktop 7 has been out for YEARS, and the yet the Citrix Studio console is still playing catch-up.   I know it's a different architecture.   I know it's doing both XenApp AND XenDesktop, and I appreciate the difficulties, but from the customer's point of view, if all you've ever known is XenApp, Citrix Studio is just plain awful to work in for basic XenApp management, day in and day out, and Citrix Director is not much better, when compared to the management consoles for previous versions of XenApp.    Sorry to go on and on with a diatribe - but this one's been cooking for a couple of years now.

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So now it's May 14, 2020, and I still can't save my customized default view.  Please provide the ability to customize and save my default view.   It seems like a pretty simple fix that should have been part of the original design.  Who came up with the columns in the out-of-the box default view.  Most of them don't have any value to me.


While you're at it how about adding a column to show which/what Citrix Desktop is associated with the session.

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I completely agree that this needs to be addressed and is long overdue.  I'm just moving from 6.5 to 1912 LTSR, not because I want to, but because I'm being forced to.  The main reason for the holding back all these years is the terrible "downgrade" in the usability of the console.

And automatically saving the column preferences should be at the top of Citrix Development lists.


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