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NetScaler Gateway Login Page - make mobile friendly

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Hi all,


Does anyone know how to make Gateway/AAA login page mobile device friendly? Especially in portrait view?


I'm surprised it is not able to dynamically adapt. Everything else seems to be adapting including Home Page, Logoff Page and other products such as XenMobile or ShareFile logons. NetScaler Gateway or AAA login page looks ugly on any small factor mobile device no matter which Portal Theme is used:


Default, X1, etc. - too small, zoomable and scrollable, but still doesn't look good.

RfWebUI - just bad, too large, not zoomable.


Any ideas? Am I missing something?






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I guess the reason they haven't bothered with trying to make the login page work with mobile is that for full VPN and ICA access, the user never sees the login page.... and that probably accounts for 99% of mobile usage.


I'm assuming you must be using Clientless access? Or choices?

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A difficult one that: how to make a mobile phone user interface look and feel like a full web browser.... and the answer (and I'm thinking generic web sites here) is you can't really. Whilst the background image might look similar, the way you log in on a phone is usually quite different from that on a big browser. The menus are usually very different too (eg swipe from left vs a list at the top).


There is no reason you couldn't go and re-code the relevant bits on Netscaler (but a potential PITA to keep updated as you upgrade Netscaler).


You might want to formally raise a feature request, but I suspect it would be put low down on the list, based on the (lack of) business priorities.

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> the idea is to make all access methods have the same look and feel


Agree with Paul ... the small form-factor of phones makes it impractical to have anything other than the login form itself (maybe also a smaller version of the company logo) on the screen. While some phones/browsers are smart enough to automatically zoom the form on a regular web page, many are not, and a user would be constantly pinching the screen in and out, panning, etc... not very user-friendly.

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the portal theme with NetScaler 11.x  is a big step forward, but the next step should be, that you can define for example different background images depending on media queries. At this time, the background image should a minimum size that is preferred for Desktop clients.

We have smartphone users without ActiveSync rights. Sometime they only want to read mails with OWA (it is reachable with CVPN on Unifed Gateway), and a mobile friendly webpage on the AAA vServer / Unfied Gateway would be great for them.

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