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Local Printers not passed through

Arno Rook




I'm testing with local printer access on our RPi3 running ThinLinx.


I have configured a network printer on the RPi through CUPS and I can succesfully print a page to the printer.

However, when I'm starting a Citrix Session this local printer is not visible in the session. The client drives are visible so that's working. We are running receiver 13.4.1.



Are there any settings I need to configure?



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I fixed the printer not visible issue by installing some HP drivers which Citrix uses for printing on Linux endpoints:


  • HP Color LaserJet 4500 PCL 5

  • HP Color LaserJet 4500 PS

  • HP LaserJet Series II



However, the printer is now visible but still not working. When printing to the printer nothing happens.. Also no job is send to the local printer queue on the endpoint.

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Anyone ever solved that issue?


We are struggling with auto-created client-printers on linux clients, too. There is no sign of the system trying to redirect the printers, we do not see any entries on the application logs on the CVAD host while logging in.


Windows clients work fine and the universal printer driver gets used where needed.


BfN, Konrad

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Aha, finally, I‘ve found the solution. It looks like CVAD does not directly support the Mac & Linux based clients with the Citrix Universal Printer Driver. You have to manually add the HP CLJ 2800 series PS driver on the VDA systems to make it work. Here‘s the link to the CTX article.


The printer on the linux client does not necessarily need to be PS - I‘ve tested it successfully with PCL6 drivers, too.


BfN, Konrad

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