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Citrix WEM Agent delayed start by two minutes

Marco Hofmann



currently I install a XenApp 7.12 Server OS deployment with Citrix WEM in place. I have the problem, that the WEM Agent in the user session only starts two minutes after the initial logon. This behavior is also visible through the logs. In the event viewer I have an entry like this:

Starting Logon Processing for User : 

UserName : DOMAIN\xentest
Session ID : 4
Protocol : 1

with a timestamp of "17.01.2017 18:16:37"


In the user profile there is the WEM Agent Log file, which starts "18:18:50"

I have done several tests, but I can't get the agent to start right at the logon.


What am I doing wrong? I have already the private fix from this topic in place:


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Had same issue and logged support ticket.  Been open for a week now and back and forth with logs and no assistance. Discovered setting "Bypass ie4uinit Check" in Advanced Settings -> Service Options tab.  Checked this and now no delay.  Thanks again Citrix support.  I was going to use a HKCU -> run key to launch agent but couldn't deal with the splash screen (and according to support no way to disable with switch).

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Oh damn, I totally forgot about this forum post. 

I also logged a support ticket for this problem. My support was a litte bit more helpful. I was shown how to enable the WEM Agent Host Debug Log. In there we found the corresponding error. 

17:49:47 Warning -> LogonController.Processie4UinitChecks() : Starting ie4uinit Wait Loop for Domain\Marco.Hofmann : User Version ->  / Computer Version -> 11,0,9600,0

17:51:57 Warning -> LogonController.Processie4UinitChecks() : Exiting ie4uinit Loop for Domain\Marco.Hofmann

After that I also discovered the bypass setting and have no further problems. 


Thank you so much for trying to help me, I should have thought of posting this into the topic earlier. 

Marco Hofmann
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