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Error when opening data in QuickEdit

Julia Sonderschefer


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on ios u should not have that problem. on android if the public and private encryption is enabled then downloaded files do not open in quickedit. set the encryption to disabled in securemail (infact all android apps, so they can communicate with each other) and it has worked for me since then. 


I have not tested the new 10.4.5 apps released just a day ago yet.

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Same Problem with QuickEdit 6.6 and Secure Mail 10.4.5 and SecureHub 10.4.5

I guess my fault is in our QuickEdit mdx-app configuration. It will work when i configure "Incound document Exchange (Open-In) from "Restricted" to "Unrestricted". Any idea?

Wich entrys do you have in Restricted Open-In expection list, Restricted Open-In expection list and Allowed URLs?

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So it appears it was a mistake to choose Citrix as a partner in MDM to manage our mobile workforce.  It appears you cannot rely on Citrix to maintain a stable app for users.  I see QuickEdit is once again not able to save files and Citrix thinks it is OK to wait over a month for a fix to be released.  Even though developers have identified a fix, Citrix will not release the working app to the public.   How can anyone keep a stable work environment when this is the status quo for the company?  I am so disappointed.  We went through a downtime with SecureHub and could not enroll any new users.  Now QuickEdit is a problem.  How would Citrix liked to be denied access to working tools?

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