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PvD could not find a disk attached

Lucas Coulson


Hyper-v SCVMM provisioning services 7.9


Having an issue where the PVS machines wont register with the DDC and display agent error in studio. On the target they say they registered fine but i get an error regarding PvD.(See attached)

PvD logs report "failed to read layer virtualization mode. error 13"


The disk is attached at the hypervisor level and i can see it in disk management. in disk management it is showing as a raw drive with the incorrect drive letter. Also the registry settings for PvD are not being applied correctly to the affected machines.


So far about 80 or 90 percent of machines deployed with PvD have this problem. anyone have an idea. it is almost like the PvD isnt initializing correctly when it is deployed. a have a few dozen other machines with PvD all deploye previously the exact same using the same vdisk and work fine.

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I have seen similar issues when an application installed on the PvD gets corrupted during a merge. Have you tried a PvD reset on one of them?

These are the documented procedure for this:
Logon to the Desktop as a local admin and launch a command prompt and RunAs Administrator

run C:\Program Files\Citrix\Personal vDisk\bin\CtxPvd.exe -s reset


you can also do this in Director. Just find the device in Director and click the button "Reset Personal vDisk" and click OK


My thoughts on RCA is that you may have a problem in your inventory chain. You can use a similar command used above to gather all the PvD logs and then you can review them for errors.


run C:\Program Files\Citrix\Personal vDisk\bin\CtxPvD.exe -log

this will create a PVDLOGS folder in that directory, or if you don't have perms to create in that folder it will be in %temp%.


A good resource for some help understanding the PvD log files can be found here:


a little outdated but haven't found anything newer so...


hope this helps.



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as a follow up Caution:


when you reset the disk, the settings revert back to their factory default values and all the data on it is deleted, including applications. The profile data is retained unless you modified the PvD defaults and are redirecting the user profiles via CPM, GPO, or some other 3rd party solution. We try to leverage this by having role based SCCM collection with standing deployments so when we reset a PvD we push the machine role based application automatically back to the device.

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