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Self-service password reset and hide domain name

Peter Jonkers1709157621

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Hi everyone,


I am testing Storefront 3.7 with Self-Service Password Reset. The authentication method of the configured store is set to "username and password". There is a trusted domain configured on the username and password authentication method which is also set to be the default domain. The setting "show domains list in logon page" is disabled because I do not want to show the domain name to our users.

When "show domains list in logon page" is disabled users can only reset their password when they supply their username and domain name (for example "test\username"). Our users do not know their full domain name (in most cases). When the "show domains list in logon page" setting in Storefront is enabled users are able to reset their password using only their logon name because the self service password reset page shows the domain name automatically which is a no go in our environment.

Is it possible to prefix the domain name in Self Service Password Reset without showing the domain name to our users like the way this works in Storefront (users need only to supply their logon name and password when a trusted domain is configured)?


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