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Default apps Windows Server 2016 - XenApp 7.11

Jef Bogaerts




We are experiencing an annoying problem before we can migrate our users from XenApp 7.6 to 7.11.


We are running UPM 5.5, VDA is Windows server 2016, fully updated with XenApp 7.11.


Users aren't able to save their default apps, including browser. They have to set it each time they log on, which isn't workable. It does work as an administrator.


Is this a known problem? Is a fix already available?






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I have XenApp 7.13 with UPM 5.7 installed on my 2016 server. My users are being prompted for admin credentials when attempting to make settings for FoxIt PDF to set as default for PDFs. 


Outlook 2016 will not open any browser for HTTP or HTTPS connections. I was able to work around this issue by opening FireFox and telling it to be set as default, and when it attempted to set it, it attempted to open a web page and I was able to set Chrome as the default browser (which is what I was trying to get to). Chrome won't set itself as the default browser. Once I did this messy work around, Outlook 2016 now opens HTTP and HTTPS documents in Chrome, but I have not found, yet, a way to change the default browser if I wanted to. IE won't launch for me as a regular user, with a message "Your security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded." I don't know what file is attempting to be downloaded.

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To set defaults in Windows 10/Server 2016 look for Default Programs in the start menu. I always just search for it but the file is in %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\System Tools\ and is just called Default Programs. You don't need another browser or app to get you there.


With that said CPM 5.7 doesn't fix remembering defaults for me so far using XenDesktop 7.13. Even trying to uninstall and reinstall CPM outside of the VDA installer didn't help. Going to try tweaking settings.


Any ideas on how to resolve this? It also doesn't remember what icons you tell it to show in the taskbar. I had the latter issue with RDS 2016 as well but not the default programs issue while using User Profile Disks.

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In WIndows 2016/10 Default Apps are set in Settings/System/Default Apps. Add the below registry settings to your profiling solution.





Notice: Just using standard roaming profiles is not an option anymore in Win10/2016. You need something like Appsense or CPM...

User Profile Disks in RDS probably stores the profile as Local Profile so you will have no issues there.

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