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XenApp 7.9 Citrix Policy Issue - Disappearing Settings

Simon Cox


I’m having an issue with a “Citrix Computer Policy” policy that has been set using the Citrix Group Policy Engine.   The GPO is linked to an AD OU and is filtered on the Delivery Group.


The policy is to create a new load evaluator and set full load at 90% CPU and 90% Memory Usage.  When I reboot the server, I can see that the policy is applied successfully and that the required registry settings are created in the HKLM\software\policies\citrix portion of the registry.  Once the policy has applied I can also see that the server load value changes to display load as a percentage in line with the policy settings.


My issue is that after a while these settings disappear and the server reverts to displaying its load in the default way as a value based on the number of concurrent sessions.

I can find no errors in the event log and no way to explain this behaviour.  No polices are enabled from the Citrix Studio and both Studio and Group Policy extension unfiltered policies are disabled.


My guess is that when the default policy re-fresh interval expires the policy is somehow being refreshed and over written by some default settings.

I am successfully setting user policies with the Citrix Group Policy Engine and these policies are taking effect as expected.


Has anyone else seen similar behaviour?


XenApp 7.9 DC’s and VDAs


Windows Server 2012 R2



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