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SSL offload, everything return in "http"

Roy Lee1709157568

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Hi All,


I am using Netscaler 11.1 VPX.


I am setting up SSL offload on Netscaler.


But everything return "http" which cause problem.


For example, if I access https://www.abc.com, it return http://www.abc.com/xxx/index.jsp


So the page not displayed.


If i access https://www.abc.com/xxx/index.jsp, then it works fine.


A short search, found solution, just need to check the SSL redirect box in Vserver.


But is this normal? What does the setting do?


The SSL offload works fine in ISA/TMG reverse proxy.


I just worry something may not work properly with the "SSL redirect" enabled.




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The "SSL Redirect" setting will only rewrite 3xx result codes. This is what the on-box help says:

For an SSL session, if the client browser receives a redirect message, the browser tries to connect to the new location. However, the secure SSL session breaks if the object has moved from a secure site (https://) to an unsecure site (http://). Typically, a warning message appears on the screen, prompting the user to continue or disconnect.
If SSL Redirect is ENABLED, the redirect message is automatically converted from http:// to https:// and the SSL session does not break.


The solution is to use the rewrite feature to look at the outgoing traffic, and if it matches "http://abc.com" then rewrite the "http" to "https".


Here's a couple of useful links that explain what you need to do:




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Hi, I'm having a similar problem, I have a couple of vpx instances in sdx 12.0-53.22 in HA, I have a liferay server working for port 80, and a vb LB for 443, I get error mixed content, I tried rewrite policies , xforwarder- but I can not get the page displayed correctly, I do not know what else to try, I need help please.



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