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Director: Shadowing not working

Jimmi Sivan1709157278


I have a XenApp 7.6 site with three servers:

Two of them are delivery controllers, and have Director, VDA and Profile Management 5.4 installed as well.

The third one only has the VDA and Profile Management 5.4 installed.


The three servers are on the same subnet, and have the Windows Firewall disabled.


I launch a published application with my test user, and look it up in Director. I have tried it both with launching the Director from the same server as the test user's Citrix session, and I can see the msra.exe process under the user in Director but the invitation does not pop up in the Citrix session of the user. If I force another invitation, then a message pops up in the users Citrix session saying:
"Someone is trying to offer you Remote Assistance but you have a Remote Assistance session still open. This session has ended, and you can close it and then respond to later offered assistance."


I have enabled a couple of Remote Assistance settings in a GPO which is applied to the three servers:

Configure Offer Remote Assistance

Configure Solicited Remote Assistance


I have defined a domain security group in the first setting, and the group is also full adminstrator in the Citrix XenApp 7.6 site and local administrator on the Citrix servers.


The version of Director is The XenApp and VDA versions are


The pc I use to launch the Citrix session for the test user is on a separate network. But I assume that the required port traffic for Remote Assistance to work in this case, is between the Director server and the VDA server, right? 


Any thoughts why it is not working?


Thanks in advance.

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