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PVS 7.8 Unable to Import new vdisk version

Jerry Ammann


PVS 7.8 with multiple PVS sites.  Copying vdisk from one site to another and then import it into PVS works fine.  Create a new vDisk version, then export, copy the .vhdx, .pvp, and .xml files to the 2nd site and attempt to import.  Get the error "Error: Warning (vDisk name). Manifest file for (vDisk name) is missing or invalid. Cannot add disk".


If I delete the vDisk from the 2nd site, deleting all files from the store, then copy all files from the 1st PVS site over (base and versions) and then import, it works fine.


Noticed that when I import the vdisk into PVS the first time, it changes the timestamp on the base .vhdx file to the current date/time.  Because it changes the date/time stamp on the base .vhdx file, subsequent vDisk versions and copies from 1st site, the .xml file no longer has the correct timestamp  in it for the base disk, and this is why it fails.  If I modified the .xml file so that the base disk timestamp matches that of the modified date/time of the updated base disk, then it will import correctly.


I never noticed this issue on 6.1 with copying the vDisk and versions between 4 different sites.  We are just starting to roll out 7.8, so wasn't sure if it is something I am missing or a bug in 7.8.


I have seen this CTX article:



It explains the error, but the fix it lists doesn't really apply.


Has anyone else seen this behavior with PVS 7.8?  Anyone seen it with newer versions of PVS?

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